Articulate Your Solution

To move forward from this step you must articulate a solution.
Work through the following materials to help you visualise how your idea solves a problem.

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Visualizing how your idea works in the real world; how the idea looks when someone interacts with it at any given point.

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Identifying and applying the best features for your solution by using and building upon existing ideas. 

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Generating a high-level analysis of your competitors. Use it to spot overlaps and gaps for breakthrough ideas. 

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Organizing ideas and arranging them based on their originality and ease of implementation.

Learning Materials

Additional Materials

Continue your learning journey with curated materials from around the web to help you craft your idea.

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Apply the 7 questions that famous innovators use to help them articulate new solutions.

Learn a new technique
Image by Jon Tyson

Watch Simon Sinek share the significance of "why" for every solution.

Watch a video
Image by Dom Fou

Watch a lecture from a Silicon Valley investor on the fundamentals of idea generation. 

Watch a video
Image by Glenn Carstens-Peters

Apply this short checklist framework; if you can check all 10 off you are on your way to a strong idea. 

Read a handbook
Image by Gabriel Sollmann

Use this showcase of startups for inspiration when developing your solution or features of your solution.

Discover and explore
Image by Vek Labs

Learn from psychology professor, Adam Grant on some of the principles of approaching innovation.

Listen to a podcast
Image by Annie Spratt

Learn how to sharpen your ideas by putting the right people around you. 

Read an article
Image by Paul Skorupskas

6 ways to help you articulate your solution to a problem. 

Read an article