Define the Problem

Learning Materials

To move forward from this step you must clearly define a problem.
Work through the following materials to help you confidently identify a problem worth solving

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Explore a problem or opportunity from 5 angles. This tool will also help you to define the wider context and associated issues involved.

Useful for...

Getting a clear idea of who your target client / user / customer is — and how your idea can help them. 

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Useful for...

Exploring a problem from 5 angles and to define the wider context and associated issues involved.

Useful for...

Understanding the client and capturing knowledge about a client's behaviours and attitudes.

Useful for...

Defining your problem in one sentence with a simple framework. You will need a "How Might We" sentence throughout the 5-step process. 

Additional Materials

Continue your learning journey with curated materials from around the web to help you craft your idea.

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A "root cause analysis" technique. Dissect the problem and reveal its underlying causes quickly in 5 Whys.

Learn a new technique
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3 simple steps to help you stop rushing to conclusions before clearly understanding the problem.

Read an article
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Assess the size of a customer problem and determine if solving it could produce value for your business.

Read a tutorial
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Understand what a need is and which customer needs are unmet.

Read an article
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Hear the story of James Dyson, who had a revolutionary idea for a new vacuum cleaner in 1979.

Listen to a podcast
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Explore the experiences of a client or someone who will be using what you might be creating.

Learn a new technique
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Set yourself up for success with a clearly defined problem. Degreed access required. 

Read a tutorial
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Learn two important elements that help established companies successfully innovate.

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