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Continue your learning journey with curated materials from around the web to help you craft your idea.

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Learn from a sound expert some useful vocal exercises and tips on how to speak with empathy.

Watch a video
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Explore and discover

See a collection of presentations used by famous entrepreneurs to get investment. 

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Build the storyline of your pitch, covering all essential building blocks.

Read a tutorial
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Read an article

Learn how to get support for a project, give feedback, or inspire a team that is facing challenges. 

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Learn what it means for you to tell your story the right way for your 

Listen to a podcast
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Explore and discover

Apply a literary framework to your pitch to bring it alive and put your client / customer / user at the centre. 

To move forward from this step you must create your pitch.
Work through the following materials to create the story you want to share to inspire others to back you. Alongside these materials, we also encourage practice, practice, practice.

Learning Materials

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Useful for...

Building your Innovator's Journey Framework and creating a concise elevator pitch.