Craft Your Concept

To move forward from this step you must craft your concept.
Work through the following materials to examine exactly how your idea works. Use this step as a way to think about your brand and the client / customer / user experience.

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Useful for...

Getting insights to fast, track, and discuss how a customer experiences a problem you are trying to solve.

Useful for...

Prioritising key assumptions about your concept and identifying the riskiest assumptions and which ones are the easiest to test.

Useful for...

Mapping out your market size and market share, and identify what segment you can reach with the resources available.

Learning Materials

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Useful for...

Understanding which features are necessary and which ones are new and surprising features to differentiate yourself.

Additional Materials

Continue your learning journey with curated materials from around the web to help you craft your idea.

Please note: some websites may ask for your email registration to access. Accessing these tools is optional.

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Listen to the story of Melanie Parkins as she lifted her idea off the page and aims to help others do the same. 

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Learn a step by step guide to coming up with a great brand name; Ted Talk with Jonathan Bell. 

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Learn the golden rule in getting your branding right by being focussed on insights. 

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Craft your concept by continuing the test assumptions. 

Read an article
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Apply these questions when you interview others to get feedback on your concept.

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Apply these 11 steps to your innovation journey.

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