Our work 

We work with Fortune 200 companies across a range of industries to turbo-charge some of their innovation journeys. Here's a snapshot.

Adidas - Crafting their partner brand


Get the foundations right and you can build anything. For adidas, that was Base X.


Adidas realised they need to collaborate with startups to supercharge their growth. They also wanted to cultivate a more entrepreneurial culture and provide an opportunity for the whole adidas family to participate.


We worked with their innovation team to develop a robust strategy for collaboration. Three months later it was time to launch their new Partner Brand: Base X. We staged a surprise Base X office takeover at adidas HQ to launch the new platform, encouraging employees to submit challenges that startups could tackle.


For adidas, the base has been built and their journey has just begun as we now work with them to turn inspiration into impact.

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Finding the future of fintech


How does one of Europe’s most innovative banks accelerate innovation? They partner.


As millennials grow to become our world’s most important consumer segment, BNP Paribas wanted to ensure they continue to evolve the products and services they offer. In a world where neo-banks seem to launch every day, it’s difficult to stay abreast of these changes let alone explore opportunities for collaboration.


BNP Paribas commissioned us to scout the world for the latest fintech innovations. These regular reports provided BNP Paribas with the insights they needed to invest, partner and acquire emerging fintech solutions.

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Innovation On-boarding


Everyone needs guidance, especially when you’re venturing into the future.


After HSBC invested heavily in acquiring digital talent, they needed to ensure those leaders were aligned, inspired and engaged around a clear view of the future. They asked us to curate a series of sessions to explore these emerging technologies and their impact the banking industry.


We leveraged our network to bring together keynote speakers, leading entrepreneurs and great street-food to deliver a series of lunch-and-learn sessions which inspired the minds, fed the bodies and engaged teams around deploying these technologies into their services.

Engaging the Top 250


Vodafone wanted to engage their Top 250 global leaders in their digital transformation and connect them with world-leading startups with solutions that could help them on this journey.  We worked with them to uncover the biggest challenges and opportunities across 5 functional areas and led a global search for 100 of the best startups with solutions ready to scale. The Top 20 were invited to join a series of engaging leadership events, the Vodafone Dig, where they explored practical ways to partner, with over half going on to launch commercial pilots.


One of Vodafone's challenges was to improve performance in video marketing, so we brought the most relevant startups in the field to join the programme. Enter Vidsy - creators of innovative video marketing assets that drive click-through rate. Through their partnership, Vidsy delivered 18+ videos for Vodafone in 16 markets, leading to a 40% increase in click-through rate. A great example of how partnering with the right startup drives tangible impact. 

Forging tangible partnerships between disruptors and the transport industry

Go-Ahead are one of the UK’s leading public transport providers enabling over one billion passenger journeys every year. Go-Ahead wanted to find new and innovative ways to improve the passenger experience, champion sustainable travel and drive operational efficiency.


We developed a bespoke Proof of Concept programme designed to give some of the world’s best transport scale-ups exclusive access Go-Ahead’s data, infrastructure and expertise to refine and develop their solutions.  Based from the Huckletree West coworking hub and with exclusive access to Go-Ahead decision makers, 20 scale-ups took part in the 8 week Billion Journey Project across two cohorts, culminating in high impact demo days attended by over 500 transport providers and partners, government representatives and media. 17 of the scaleups have since gone on to launch commercial pilots with Go-Ahead and are already making an impact on the future of transport.

Delivering a 10-fold reduction in Danone's time to innovate


As a global CPG leader with a health-focused portfolio in food and beverages, Danone has no shortage of ideas when it comes to creating new products.


However, innovative startups have been able to create and launch disruptive products faster more recently. This prompted Danone to ask, how can they bring the outside-in through partnerships? Specifically, how can Open Innovation make the company more responsive to emerging product and route to market trends?


Working closely with the team, we tested a number of options and arrived at a simple hypothesis. Partner with proven entrepreneurs who have the experience, creativity and ability to think outside of the confines of the organisation to co-create breakthrough ideas. We developed a clear process to connect with the ecosystem of entrepreneurs, co-create ideas, agree a partnership and mechanism to integrate ideas back into the organisation. This reduced the time to generate breakthrough ideas from 150 days to 15 days, producing two fully-scoped new products. It also unlocked the ability to co-create multiple ideas simultaneously and uncovered a range of innovative route to market opportunities for Danone to explore.

When Coca-Cola European Partners wanted to launch their Venture fund, we shared our secret formula

As one of the world’s largest bottlers, CCEP were looking to establish CCEP Ventures. 73% of Corporate Venture Capital funds destroy value, and we were adamant that CCEP would not just become another casualty.


We brought together 20+ years of CVC best-practices, combined that with extensive industry benchmarking and helped them to establish and launch CCEP Ventures.


Their fund is not only one of the largest in the beverage industry, they’re also rapidly gaining respect as one of the most sophisticated investors and startup-friendly investors in the world. And everyone is taking note. 

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Taking Reckitt Benckiser's brands into digital services. Fast, scalable and low risk. 


When RB launched a new brain-health supplement, they realised that the product worked well by itself, but when used in conjunction with a brain-health app, it delivers significant cognitive improvements. They then faced the challenge: do they build their own app or buy an existing  app?


The answer was neither, instead, we helped them partner. We talked to brain gyms from around the world then narrowed down on Cognifit, a US-based brain gym with solid science and a great proposition. Within six months the relationship moved from introductions to in-market. This wasn’t just the launch of a new app, it was also the launch of a D2C, subscription-based, personal relationship they could forge with thousands of consumers. Smart, huh?