01 History

 In 2014 we created the Unilever Foundry. Now we use our expertise and experience to help other corporates on their innovation journey.

02 Belief

 Startups are already inventing the future of every industry. As a corporate, your opportunity is to scale it.

03 Mission

 We're here to help create the corporations of the future - where success is determined not by the value of your assets, but the scale of your partnerships.

04 Values

 We don't take equity, fees or kickbacks from startups. That means you can be sure the advice we give you is unbiased. Every time. Pure, simple.

05 Approach

 Everything we do is white-labelled. This is about you and establishing you as an innovation leader. We don't need the limelight. Our secret sauce is that we're your secret partner.

06 Service

 We realise there is no one-size-fits-all approach to innovation. Our pick and mix suite of products are ready to be customised to your needs.

07 Commitment

 We're here to help you get from inspiration to impact. We're passionate about ensuring great ideas turn into tangible results, and we hold ourselves accountable to ensure that happens. Every time. 

08 People

 Our team are from corporates, venture funds and startups, and know what it takes to land innovation in a global context. We are passionate about what we do and we want to see you succeed. See us as an extension of your team.